Coffee at Home

Teachers: John Snow, Jared Letto
Complexity: Beginners & Experienced
Participants: 3 persons in group
Start Date: November 10, 2022
Studying Time: 15 days

About "Mocca" School

The goal of our barista school is not only to provide mechanisms of action and work schemes, but to teach to understand the product because only in this case it is possible to make an amazing cup of coffee in any conditions.

Any course of the coffee school can be changed to suit your wishes. In exceptional cases, on-site training of the barista is possible. In addition to the available courses, it is possible to form an individual program for roasting coffee, repairing coffee machines and coffee grinders. Assistance in drawing up a coffee shop menu and creating signature drinks. Based on the results of the training of the barista, it is possible to help in finding a job.